WIMAC 2019: Celebrating Women in Maker Cultures

Making is a woman’s domain.

What is WIMaC

WIMaC is a free one-day event with keynote speakers, and interactive workshops and activities that aim to showcase the pioneering, creative and inspiring work that women do in the context of creating in Cyprus. The event aims to bring together female academics, students and professionals in order to provide the opportunity to connect, learn and engage with leading female makers on the island.

The event is an ACM Celebration of Women in Computing and is in conjunction with the Makers Faire, organized by Youth Makerspace Larnaka.  


13 July 2019

For further information about the interactive workshops and to register please email makerspacelarnaka[at]onek.org.cy, or call 24 201777 (Monday-Saturday between 9:00-13:00).


Dr. Antigoni Parmaxi, Cyprus University of Technology

Dr. Antigoni Parmaxi is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Cyprus Interaction Lab, Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts of the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT), and a special teaching staff at the Language Centre of CUT. She holds a BA in Classical Studies from the University of Cyprus, an MA in Pedagogical Sciences from the same University and a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts of the Cyprus University of Technology. Antigoni has been the principal investigator of the WomenPower project (2014-2015), supported by Mahallae (funded by UNDP-ACT), aiming at the design, development, and evaluation of a platform to connect women mentors and mentees. Antigoni was also involved in the Network for Social Computing Research (NOTRE) project, funded under Horizon 2020 Twinning programme. Her research interests include emerging technologies,  constructionist learning and use of technology for social inclusion.

Dr. Yiota Demetriou, Pervasive Media Studio

Dr. Yiota Demetriou is a scholar in arts, humanities, and social sciences, multimedia artist, curator, writer, activist, social innovator, and hobbyist coder. She is interested in public engagement, ethics of participation and cultural policy-making, performance, psychogeography, and sound, technology and automation, experience and learning design, DIY cultures, conflicting heritage, and borders; most importantly her work focus on being human. Yiota has shown her work at the British Film Institute, Latitude Festival, Arnolfini, The Museum of Broken Relationships, Watershed, Tate Tanks, Bluchip Gallery, Rome’s Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Shanghai Theatre Academy, Tempting Failure, Festival of ideas and Future Cities, Interactive Documentary, and Performance and live Art Platform Cyprus. She is currently based in the UK and is a resident at the Pervasive Media Studio. Demetriou is affiliated with academic and cultural institutions across the UK, USA, Korea, and China. Yiota is a board member of the Future Advisory Board that advocates for critical care in the academy and engages emerging scholars, she is the co-founder of the creative digital network and resource tool CyArt Hub, and the founder of Performance and Live Art Platform, which has been described by theatre historiographers, as the very first live art and performance art event in the history of Cyprus, and Greece. Her recent artistic work focuses on hands and the social significance of touch. She is currently undertaking research at Brunel University in London, on the Creative Interruptions project, whilst touring the launch of her interactive artist book, To You (www.to-you.live), that combines soft technology and haptics, poetry, and being human; reviewed as an antidote to the digital age. Moreover, she is co-conspiring her next project with fellow creatives from robotics, and, physical sciences, that explores ideas around death, practices of bereavement, and the anecdotal relationship between one’s last breath and the soul. 


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